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Review of Nationwide Pet Insurance: Rates and Coverage


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Nationwide is a recognized company that offers pet owners personalized pet insurance coverage at low rates. Nationwide provides homeowners and auto insurance since 1926. Its pet insurance, however, has been available only since 1999. Nationwide products are trusted by many families for their ability to pay pet fees and cover well-being care.

Nationwide offers pet insurance with customizable plans and discounts. This includes discounts for multiple pets and healthy lifestyle options. There are also pre-existing conditions coverage options. Multi-policy discounts may also be available for Nationwide customers who have a Nationwide home, car, renters or any other type of insurance.

A+ ratings from the Better Business Bureau have been awarded to this company, which speaks volumes of its reliability and dedication to quality service. Nationwide pet insurance is also available in all 50 States, so it’s easy for pet owners regardless of their location to obtain coverage.

Nationwide pet insurance

You have three options when it comes to Nationwide Pet Insurance: Major Medical, Major Medical with Wellness, or Whole Pet.

Pet insurance is available through the major medical plan. It will be determined by the severity of the condition, up to the maximum annual reimbursement limit.

It’s the least expensive of the Nationwide pet insurance options but offers the lowest coverage. Your out-of pocket expenses will be greater in the case of illness or an accident. To make it more complete, add the Wellness Plan to your package.

With major medical with wellness coverage, you’ll get reimbursed for preventative services like heartworm tests, vaccinations, illnesses, and injuries. This is an excellent option if you don’t need coverage for hereditary and congenital conditions with the benefits of wellness coverage. Premiums for pet parents are very affordable, providing financial assistance in times of emergency that don’t put a strain on the wallet.

Whole pet coverage is more comprehensive than any of the other two options.

Your pet’s entire plan covers accidents, illnesses, testing and exams up to the maximum annual limit. The policy will cover congenital diseases. But you’ll have to add pet wellness coverage if you want more preventative stuff included in your policy. Pet parents are choosing this option because they want to be ready for anything. The whole pet plan could help pet parents save thousands of dollars on their veterinary bills, even though we all wish it would never happen to us.

Nationwide offers additional coverage options for pet insurance

Nationwide pet insurance doesn’t offer any additional coverages or add-ons outside of being able to combine the pet wellness plan with the major medical plan.

How much does Nationwide’s pet insurance cost?

The price of your pet insurance with Nationwide pet insurance will depend on a variety of factors, including your pet’s age, breed, gender, and where you’re located.

We reviewed a few different animal profiles in order to determine the average cost of insurance.

The first illustration will show you the coverage options available for an Australian Shepherd aged four years and living in Colorado.

The major medical plan, which costs $34.66 per monthly, is the most affordable, while the major medical and wellness cost $53.68 each month.

While the price for the entire pet plan is in the middle of the range, the premium will vary depending on which level you choose. For households that have multiple pets, the per-pet fee may be less.

These premiums are for large, 2-year-old mixed breed dogs living in New York.

Dog quote
Dog insurance quote

As you can see, the premiums in this example are higher, mainly influenced by the dog’s size.

Now let’s look at two examples of coverage for cats.

Below is what you’ll pay for coverage for a 3-year-old medium-haired mixed-breed cat living in South Carolina.

Cat insurance quote
Cat insurance quote

The prices range from $13.54/month for major medical to $36.16 per/month for major medical with wellbeing. The $7 price difference between whole pet and major medical is due to full coverage for congenital and hereditary diseases. The jump in rates between whole pet and major medical with wellness is because you’re technically getting two plans (wellness and medical).

Here are some premiums that can be paid for 6-year old mixed-breed shorthaired cats living in California.

Cat insurance quote
Cat insurance quote

The price of these policies rises as more coverage is added. For example, major medical coverage costs $23.76 per months and up to $41.76 per month for major medical plus wellness. A whole pet policy costs in the middle. However, it all depends on which level of reimbursement you choose.

What is the best way to file a claim against Nationwide Pet Insurance?

Nationwide pet insurance’s claims process is pretty straightforward. Online claims can be filed or downloaded. You can then email, fax, or mail the claim form.

Nationwide’s claims department can be reached by email at You can also fax us at 714-989-5600. You can also mail us at

Nationwide Claims Department

PO Box 2344

Brea, California 92822

Most claims are processed in 30 days. You can also choose to receive a check by post or an electronic payment. For speedier claims, submit your documents and application, including vet’s invoices.

Nationwide’s pet insurance customer service number is 800-540-2016, and agents are available Monday through Saturday.

Compare Nationwide pet Insurance vs. Healthy Paws

Both companies provide similar coverage but there are some key differences. Nationwide pet insurance’s plans include vet exam fees for covered conditions, whereas Healthy Paws does not. Healthy Paws doesn’t have the same coverage limits as Nationwide.

Healthy Paws, which is less expensive than Nationwide, will take in pets from as far back as fourteen years of age. Unfortunately, there are not many wellness options or coverage for exotic pets. To be covered under Healthy Paws, the vet must undergo a medical exam. With Nationwide, it’s sometimes possible to use records for enrollment.

For parents with children, there are two key features that could spell doom. Nationwide customers may also be eligible to receive multi-policy discounts if they have auto or home insurance. It is important to be familiar. Although Healthy Paws premiums and discounts may vary depending on the provider, Company donates part its profit to pets in need. Healthy Paws believes it’s about more than business, and many of its customers agree.

Compare Nationwide pet Insurance vs. Figo

Nationwide and Pet Insurance have a lot in common and both offer similar coverage.

Figo’s offerings are more flexible than Nationwide’s as you have more annual coverage limit options to choose from with Figo. Figo allows you to choose from a variety of reimbursement levels as well as deductibles. Figo has unlimited coverage and is one of a growing number of insurance companies for pet owners.

Nationwide provides coverage for exotic animals, but Figo doesn’t. But Figo’s premiums are generally slightly less expensive than Nationwide when comparing coverage options.


We reviewed Nationwide’s pet insurance and considered a number of things, such as:

  • Price
  • Limitations on coverage
  • Customization options
  • Add-ons available
  • Customer service

When considering cost, we compared Nationwide’s premiums to industry averages. We also considered coverage add-ons and the different levels offered by Nationwide.

We also considered customization because pet owners want their policy to be tailored to meet their needs. Customers service is another important factor. Pet parents looking for pet insurance will want to know they’re taken care of if they need to use their policy. In pet insurance reviews, our primary concern is whether or not the plans are feasible for average users.


Is Nationwide’s pet insurance more expensive for elderly pets?

As with all insurances, pet insurance premiums can increase over time. Insurance companies recognize that a pet with a higher likelihood of getting sick will be more expensive. This is why premiums are higher. Depending on which provider, certain coverage types have age restrictions. Many pet insurance companies have average premiums between $20-60. These exclusions can help to prevent rate hikes.

What is Nationwide’s pet insurance reimbursement rate?

The plan that you choose will affect the reimbursement rate for your Nationwide pet insurance policy. For example, Nationwide’s whole pet plan with the wellness plan add-on offers varying reimbursement levels of 50%, 70%, or 90%. As your reimbursement levels increase, your premium will go up. Remember that reimbursement starts once you’ve met your deductible.

What has Nationwide been doing for pet insurance?

Nationwide Pet Insurance has been in existence for more than 20 years. It was established back in 1999. As the largest pet insurance provider in the US, you can rest assured knowing you’re getting quality coverage backed by a reputable company.

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