Bernardo Moya

He has hosted more than 10,000 people at his events. The secret to his success? Love

He has hosted more than 10,000 people at his events. The secret to his success? Love. Bernardo Moya Best You is the founder, an entrepreneur and author. He is the founder of Best You Expo and brings together more than 10,000 people whether they are in London or Los Angeles. He spoke with him. Jessica Abo His new book will allow him to discuss how he got where he is now. Human EvolutionHe is a firm believer that everyone must be successful in their business and personal lives.

Jessica Abo: Bernardo. Since you were young, that role of sharing responsibility has been a major part of your life. Give us an idea of how that was.

Bernardo Moya:

At the age of 15, my father died. Before that, I had been the team captain. The class was my responsibility. Because I was an army corporal, I felt a sense of responsibility.

After my father died, my responsibility was to my brother and mum. It’s something I feel strongly about. I was the designated driver. Therefore, I have always strived to control my environment to some degree. Although I had many bosses, they were all great. But I want to be my own boss. This is it. This is where it all started.

Which were your first jobs?


My parents were Spanish and I taught English when I was young. I then became a DJ. Before I became interested in real estate, I ran nightclubs. There were many things I did, including a nightclub owner. But I always had the desire to achieve more. But with the knowledge of my mortality. My father died young. He had many goals and dreams, so I wanted me to be able to achieve them all.

Was there anything you gained as a promoter at nightclubs? How does this translate into your daily life today?


It was about having fun and bringing people together when I ran parties. After coming up with a good idea, we then went out to find people. The idea to build, create and be very visually oriented was born. Those skills have helped me grow and develop over the years. This is something I have always said. Many times we undervalue the lessons we receive and the journey of learning, growing and evolving. This helped me in my current work.

How did you go from nightclub promotion to real estate?


It would be a pleasure to be able to talk to people and be confident, charismatic, and magnetic. I’d love to do whatever it took to convince them to be interested not only in my properties but also what I had to offer.

Yes, that was the transition between me managing those events and thinking, visualizing, and seeing all that I wanted in the future. These are both interconnected.

Did you ever lose your entire real estate portfolio?


Europe was hit by two huge real estate bubbles. When I was 26 years old, I told my mother that I didn’t have any money. A can of coins was my only possession. I still remember buying my son lentils and the last coin. The second was when I turned 40.

I have been to rock bottom many times. From there I always find the strength to get back up. I always return stronger, and have never been defeated by adversity.

How did you get out of this place?


Resilience is one of my strengths. I have had some very difficult days, and I was always ready for the next day. I wouldn’t look into the pit. I’d be looking at my goals and where I’m going. Which goal am I trying to achieve? What are my options?

It was about finding the solution and not focusing on the problem. It’s clear that any millionaire or wealthy entrepreneur would tell you you are not an entrepreneur if you haven’t lost money and fallen to the bottom. But it has made me who you are.

What do you think your mental clarity and strength can be attributed?


NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programing) was what got me to my attention. The book Change Your Life in Seven Days grabbed my attention. After that, I became both a practitioner, master practitioner, as well as an instructor. NLP helped me to understand the situation even though I was losing everything. It was something I wanted that would have more meaning. That is exactly what I do.

Then, promotion came back into action.


That was it. It was that simple. It was the moment that everything changed. After seeing my real estate portfolio disappear, all that I own, all that I used, and everything that I care about, I realized that something had to be done differently. Then, I had the opportunity to promote Dr. Richard Bandler, NLP practitioner, who was standing in front of me.

Out of nowhere, I was chosen to be his promoter. It was an important decision as I needed to travel across the globe. My family was left behind. Three years of commute, Monday through Friday. I didn’t promote events, but I encouraged parties. I had a knack for marketing. This was something I had done in real-estate. NLP Life Training, the largest NLP company in the world, was built by me. The Best You was then created.

You can find out where you were when Best You was first suggested to you.


When I first started to see the industry as fragmented, great people do amazing things but many others are trying to improve and grow. That’s why you couldn’t go to only the yoga show. You could still go to Tony Robbins’ meditation program, but you also had the option to see another person. Because personal and professional growth can mean many things, I wanted everyone to be together.

I wanted something very non-neat that could bring anyone together, as well as give them stage time which was often lacking. This is where The Best You was born and what I did with it.

The Best You Expo: How does it work?


My thought was, “Why don’t you run 5-6 seminars, 8 or 9?” So that is what I did. Now we have 9 stages. These include Room for Women (Empowering Women), Best for Business and Passion to Profit. Inspiration zone is where people learn how to do martial arts or dance. That event was put together by us. The idea was to also have vendors share their knowledge. This was difficult.

My first was the one that I took. I can recall not sleeping for 4 months. Our team worked very hard. We had 3,000 attendees. To find out how many were there, I went to the front door. There were 10 people at the entrance and six in registration. My first thought was “Oh my god, why haven’t they come?” We had 3000 people eventually.

What are the Expo’s attendees?


It is open to everyone. This holistic approach is the best. To be a better person, there are so many aspects to life you need to consider. You have to take care of yourself; you have to eat well, exercise, meditate, and be surrounded by the right people—positivity, learning new skills, being up-to-date with everything happening in apps and blockchain, and everything.

Love is the most important thing. For you to see the beauty in the world around you, it’s important to be kind and loving. The Best You is all about that. The Best You Expo is a great place to start if you believe you fall into that group. This is what the Best You Expo is all about.

Love is what everyone wants more of in their lives and businesses. It’s the main reason you just published your new book. Human Evolution. Can you give us some more information?


It’s not part of everyone’s conversation. As a conduit and as someone who brings others to the forefront, providing them with a platform, I feel the responsibility to encourage them to love more, talk about more, since we all know. Everyone has friends that suddenly receive bad news and their priorities shift. We continue to put our focus on worldly matters that are of no real value. Only what we leave behind and the things we do will make a difference at the end. It is only who and what you love that matters. All of our actions must revolve around love.

This book is it. The Evolution of ManThis is my story, and I want to share it. As a man, I have made many mistakes. One of those was not being honest enough or being too vulnerable. We need to learn to open up, be vulnerable and love. Although I am open to sharing my feelings in this book, it also tries to help men and women talk about and express their love.

Also, you wrote the book “The Book of Your Life”. What is the Question? What questions should we be asking ourselves each quarter to make sure we’re living the best life possible?


Each of us has an inner voice and a dialogue. It can either be helpful or destructive. Your life’s quality will depend on how many questions you are asking yourself. Because an answer doesn’t always mean a good answer. Answering the question is what matters. The question is: How can we get up each morning to do things differently? What can I do to be a better person? Can I make an impact? How can I reach out to someone today? Can I show love to someone today? To whom can I be grateful? Which are you most grateful for?

The book will ask these questions in all chapters and sections. People should keep a list of questions and take a pen to write them down. It was very thought-provoking. I also found it as interesting as one of my questions towards the end, “Am I happy?” Was there anything I have yet to accomplish?

It wasn’t that I wanted to do everything, it was because I knew I could not. After asking myself these tough questions, I was able to put my self out there and publish the book. After I answered those tough questions, I was able to act and post the text.

Let’s see, now what?


Continue to discuss love and to keep sharing the idea of being honest so that we can express our emotions. It is my goal to be able to express that message on different stages all around the world. Because I am Spanish half of my family, it is important to speak Spanish. The Best You Expo. This should be taken globally. This year’s conference will be held in LA. And we plan on growing exponentially. It would be great to have hundreds of thousands attend an event. I also want it to be broadcast so that millions can see it. It is my goal to allow experts and speakers to give their knowledge to the world. This is my goal. As long as I have the energy and nerve to make it happen, it’s possible.

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