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14 Chatbot Examples to Generate Leads and Engage Visitors

14 Chatbot Examples to Generate Leads and Engage Visitors. Wordstream published a blog post about the 10 most ingenious chatbots available on the internet once upon a while. This was waaaaay back in 2017—an eternity in the digital world (think 13 Reasons You Should CareThe Kendal Jenner Pepsi advertising failure, etc.)—and since then, chatbots have evolved into help centers, transaction platforms, lead generation machines, and even website navigation panes.

We’re talkin blog posts right in the chat window!

Needless to say, we’re due for an update, so let’s explore 10 chatbot examples that are making the most of websites and widgetry in 2023.

14 Chatbot Examples to Copy on Your Website

These chatbots can be used in many different ways. Here’s a look at 14 different use cases including lead generation, brand building, customer support, and more.


Let’s start with a basic example on Stryve. The chat bubble icon, which is color-wise on-brand, has a picture with a face of a person and friendly greeting. Stryve is pleased to meet you! We can help today!

This is the after-hours bot version, which has a note saying We’ll return tomorrow at 4:00am (early risers, eh?).

chatbot examples stryve during hours
chatbot examples stryve during hours

The bot’s during-hours version says We usually respond within a few minutes.

Stryve chatbot examples
Stryve chatbot examples

Takeaway: Chatbot Examples should be consistent with your brand’s colors and tone. They should let users know the expected response time and what they can expect.

Peter Nappi

Next chatbot by Peter Nappi It is also an excellent example of clearly communicating your expectations to website visitors.

The text reads: Normal chat hours are 9:00-11:00 CT on Monday and Thursday. However, if we receive a message via email, it will be answered as quickly as possible!

chatbot peter nappi
chatbot peter nappi

Note also that the site uses real photos of people to reassure you you’ll be connecting with a human being. One other thing: While most sites have the easily recognizable chatbot icon, this one has a “Message us” button:

chatbot examples peter nappi message us
chatbot examples peter nappi message us

Takeaway: Chatbots that connect people with real humans can be made more visible by using photos and names.


Revealbot’s chatbot operates as more of a command center for website visitors. These elements include:

  • Greeting: An informal greeting that includes a brief description of what Revealbot can do for you (Facebook, Google ads automation). Hi there  👋 How can we help you get started on Facebook and Google ads automation?
  • Chat option In this example, they’re offline, stating they’ll be back later with an option to send them a message in the meantime.
  • Resources: The options are endless: search for a subject, choose from carefully curated help articles or a video tutorial, then head over to the blog and get insights and best practice advice.
chatbot revealbot
chatbot revealbot

Takeaway: Consider making your chatbot examples a double-purpose tool for lead generation and customer support. You can help customers with their questions and show value by answering them.


Sendible’s chatbot is a good example of proper lead routing. This bot will greet you with Hey 👋 Got any questions? Then, you have three choices:

  • Sendible features & plans
  • I’m already a customer
  • Request a demo

Visitors are more likely to respond to this type of question than if they were asked a closed-ended question.

chatbot examples sendible
chatbot examples sendible

Takeaway: Don’t make your website visitors do the thinking or decision-making. Pre-set options are a great way to get them engaged right away.

Slider Revolution

Instead of giving you buttons to click on, Slider Revolution‘s chatbot encourages engagement with a friendly bot and a fun GIF:

Hi 👋 I’m Joshua, a bot working for 🤖. Type “Hi” to see how I can assist you. You can also email us at [email protected]

chatbot slider revolution
chatbot slider revolution

Once you’ve done that, you will need to agree with the GDPR privacy statement. If you don’t, you can still type questions.

Having the user type something (Even as short as hi) plus the GDPR agreement isn’t terrible, but can still present small barriers to entry for users. However, I did want to include it because you have the option to rate the conversation—a good way to get feedback and figure out how to improve your bot flow.

slider revolution chatbot example

Takeaway: Eliminate as many barriers to entry as possible with your chatbots, and consider adding in a feedback or rating feature so you can better meet your visitors’ needs.

Steve & Kate’s Camp

The chatbot is for Steve and Kate’s CampIt is serving less of a lead generation and engagement tool, and more as an informational resource. FAQ centre Or navigation pane. There are five options available, most likely those that users are most interested in. Each option also contains FAQs.

chatbot steve kates camp
chatbot steve kates camp

Takeaway: Automate FAQs and Help Articles – If there are many, then you might want to use your chatbot widget to answer them automatically. This will allow you to spend more time with prospects who may require a live conversation.


Spocket’s chatbot does a great job with clarifying for users, right off the bat, that it offers 24/7 service. It states Hi there 👋 We deliver 24/7 service so if you need instant support, please use the live chat so we can respond quickly. Then, you have the choice to:

  • Find help articles.
  • Begin a conversation and list the time it takes to respond.
  • Find answers and FAQs.
  • Depending on the type of visitor (drop shipper or supplier, customer etc.), choose one of these preset options.
chatbot spocket chat
chatbot spocket chat

You will be taken to the help article when you select it in the chatbot window.

chatbot spocket blog
chatbot spocket blog

Takeaway: You should tailor your chatbot for different buyer personas or segments of your audience. Also, if you’re going to incorporate blog content, try making it accessible right within the chatbot window so that users don’t have to open up a new page (and use click-worthy headlines!).


Here’s an example of a chatbot Voyage is pretty basic like Stryve’s but I’m including it since it does a good job with qualifying its leads.

Instead of asking visitors for answers, the chatbot asks you to provide your ecommerce URL. The chatbot acts more as a contact form, helping representatives connect with potential candidates.

chatbot examples voyage lead qualification
chatbot examples voyage lead qualification

Takeaway: You should add some qualification questions before connecting with website visitors through the live chat widget. These will help you either to filter out leads that are not relevant or ensure you send them to the right person.


Trovata‘s chatbot operates similarly to the one above, turning it into a friendly and conversational form (with a cute name, Troves the Bot). You can also view the proper CTA, including the greeting (“Get connected with specialist now”) and an option to see a demo.

chatbot examples trovata
chatbot examples trovata

Takeaway: Set up your website chatbot with your business in mind. Test out various offers and options on different pages depending upon user intent. A demo signup might work well on a product page but not on a piece of top-of-funnel content such as a blog article.


Streak’s The Revealbot chatbot is a similar example to Revealbot. It is more like a command centre than a simple conversational tool. You should also note that the chatbot includes updates and product status.

chatbot streak
chatbot streak

Takeaway: If your product is subject to frequent updates or changes, or if it’s time sensitive, then you might want to include status reports and bug fixes to your chat widget.


Keap It uses a different approach to its chatbot and attracts visitors using compelling, conversational copy.

Hey there! 👋 You want to find out something?


Once I click on “sure”, I learn about the benefits of the product:

  • On average, Keap customers save 47 hours a month Amazing, right? 
  • Just imagine what you could do with that time…
  • How would you like to explore how Keap’s sales & marketing automation can help you save hours each day AND money?
chatbot keap bot
chatbot keap bot

Takeaway: You can entice website visitors by asking compelling questions, sharing interesting statistics, and highlighting the many benefits of your product. Even if they don’t end up speaking with a rep, you’ve now generated brand awareness and started building trust.


Similar to using datapoints Whatagraph’s Chatbot makes use of social proof and an Office gif to communicate with its users.

Hello there! Whatgraph is trusted by January Spring, Uptick and Thrive to simplify their client reporting processes.

Want to know more? Let’s get started. 

Next, you can book a demo, request a free trial or write a note.

whatagraph chatbot example
whatagraph chatbot example

Takeaway: Use your chatbot examples as a popup. Use landing page elements like social proof, your value proposition, and a CTA (again, make sure it’s aligned with the intent of the page) to generate leads.


Chatbot provider is a better example of a chatbot than any other. Intercom? A few things you’ll notice:

  • There’s a simple value proposition at the top of the chat window: By connecting your company to customers, we can help your business grow.
  • There is no waiting time.
  • It reinforces the value proposition with the greeting message: Hello there! Welcome to Intercom – the #1 business messenger for connecting you to your customers. Intercom: Want to learn more?
  • There are two options for low barrier-to-entry buttons (Browse! I’d like to learn more about Intercom; I’m an Intercom customer with a question) To support three distinct persons.
  • If you wish, you can also type a message.
  • If you choose a button, you’ll get started with an interactive form.

chatbot examples intercom
chatbot examples intercom

Takeaway: In addition to displaying help options, don’t be afraid to pitch your business with your messenger bots.


Last chatbot example Indigo demonstrates a digital marketing trend we’re seeing more and more: conversational commerce. You can now book tickets or make purchases through a chatbot.

chatbot indigo
chatbot indigo

Takeaway: If you’re an e-commerce business, try syncing up your purchasing platform with your chatbot examples. To keep it simple, you can start by purchasing lower-priced products to get the basics down and then expand your offering.

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