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What is the best Samsonite luggage of 2023?

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Samsonite is known for making high-quality luggage that lasts years. The company is a leader in providing luggage that lasts, both functionally and stylishly. Their bags are trusted by thousands of people who travel internationally and domestically.

You’ve found the perfect place if you are looking for an ideal travel companion. Here’s a list with the 10 top Samsonite suitcases of 2023. Here are the top Samsonite luggage pieces in their respective categories. No matter your adventure, these bags are sure to please.

samsonite winfield fashion carry on
samsonite winfield fashion carry on

It Samsonite Winfield2 Fashion Carry-On This is my top pick for Samsonite luggage. The bag is fashionable, practical, and has all you need to take on any type of trip.

Regular travelers know that carrying a bag on a plane can be quite expensive. It’s best not to take too much luggage on planes. You may have to bag-check it at check-in, so your fragile carry-on might end up in the luggage hold along with other heavier and more durable items.

These problems are eliminated by the Samsonite Winfield 2 Fashion Carry-On. Although small enough for carry-on use, it is strong and durable. The suitcase is available in several colors so you can avoid boring black. This bag is lightweight and stylish, making it ideal for carrying on board a flight.

You will find notable bag features such as the multi-directional wheel, TSA-approved combination locks, multiple packing compartments and compression straps. The hardside is constructed from durable polycarbonate, which will ensure that your items are safe on their long journey.

Samsonite Winfield pieces are all anti-scratch, anti-dent. Your luggage will not move around in your baggage compartments.

Although the Samsonite Winfield2 bags might be out of your budget, Samsonite regularly holds sales. It’s possible to get it for a lower price if you’re an experienced shopper.


  • Carry-on size
  • Material that is lightweight but durable
  • TSA Combination lock
  • Four multi-directional wheels


  • It is more expensive than similar options
  • Packing space is very limited

samsonite omni pc
samsonite omni pc

The Samsonite Bag is my top pick for an affordable bag. Samsonite Omni PC. You can choose from three sizes, and it is very durable due to its hard shell. It is available in multiple colors.

Most airlines accept the carry-on sizes. The medium and large size are ideal for checking bags. Because it’s lightweight and portable, yet durable enough to be loaded into cars or carried up steps easily, this bag is ideal for frequent travelers. You can even get matching bags to make a complete luggage set with the large selection of sizes!

The Samsonite Omni PC features a TSA lock and multi-directional wheel, expandable main compartment, organizational pockets, elastic straps, and an expandable main section. Samsonite Omni PC has a high-quality polycarbonate material, which is both scratch and dent-resistant. This makes it the perfect Samsonite luggage to carry on your next trip.


  • Double wheels light weight
  • TSA Authorized
  • Budget-friendly


  • It’s not as elegant as some Samsonite bags
  • Samsonite’s checked bags do not include a wet-pack for liquids.

samsonite novaire carry on
samsonite novaire carry on

Samsonite luggage has a reputation for being lightweight, durable and functional. These features may not always be available with chic and sleek style options.

Samsonite is a great suitcase company that does a good job of delivering functionality, but there are many other options with better design. Another company might be a better choice if your goal is to make sure that you pack well.

The However, Samsonite Novaire Carry-On It may just be what you are looking for. You will find everything you need in this carry-on luggage, such as a large interior, numerous mesh pockets, tie down straps and a TSA locking system. This luggage item is approved internationally, meaning you can carry it around with you at all times.

The outside appearance is as important as the interior features. The minimalist design makes this suitcase standout. It also features a variety of color options, including Rose Gold and Silver. Bayer Makrolon® Polycarbonate makes the shell. Although it appears super smooth, scratches will be hidden by the shell’s texture from travel.

Samsonite Novaire Carry-Ons are stylish and durable, so you can travel with style. Even though your luggage brand may be damaged by baggage claims, the Samsonite bag can still keep your style intact.


  • Sleek design & chic color options
  • TSA Lock
  • Large interior space with multi-functional pockets
  • Internationally approved, it is suitable for all types of air travel


  • There is no USB port
  • It is not expandable

samsonite freeform carry on
samsonite freeform carry on

It Samsonite Carry-On Freeform It is the ideal choice in carry-on luggage. The Samsonite bag is light, portable, durable, easy to carry, and affordable. This bag comes in several colors so you can personalize it. Additionally, the sunken-metal logo plate gives it a modern appearance.

With its sleek appearance and plastic-based exterior, it is the ideal choice to hand over to baggage handlers when you go to check in at the gate or to lift into the overhead. You can place it under or overhead the seat, and then slide out when you are ready to depart. With the Samsonite Freeform, you won’t need to hold the line.

The Samsonite Freeform features expandable zippers and a TSA-approved lock. It also has a large interior that includes many packing compartments as well as multi-directional wheels. The bag also comes with a luggage tag that can be used to locate your bag.


  • Numerous interior pockets
  • Expandable capacity of 1-inch
  • Lock approved by the TSA


  • Mainly for Domestic Travel
  • It might not be strong enough to carry a check bag.

samsonite voltage dlx large
samsonite voltage dlx large

All of us know how stressful it can be to check a bag. You’ll be separated from all your possessions and the bag will cost you more. There are concerns about whether your luggage will reach the plane, how it will get there, and whether the staff will take care of it.

These concerns can be alleviated by a product such as the Samsonite large, DLX suitcase. It is possible to bring home fragile souvenirs, or travel with gifts. The last thing that you want to worry about is for anything to fall apart. The DLX Large, despite its size and strength, moves swiftly and securely to keep all of your items safe.

The durable hardside suitcase has an attractive contoured shell. You can choose from a range of colours and it will be easy to find your bag at baggage claim.

It features a zippered mesh pocket and TSA compliant lock. You can also access certain items easily by using the internal pockets or compression straps.


  • Includes interior organization pockets, a WetPack and liquid storage.
  • Expandable capacity of 1-inch
  • It is made from durable, lightweight polypropylene.


  • Fullness can make it heavy
  • TSA-approved locks are difficult to use

samsonite outline pro large
samsonite outline pro large

It Outline Pro Large Samsonite’s large luggage is the perfect choice. Its design and functionality make it one the most popular hardside pieces of luggage. The bag is fashionable, innovative and ideal for all kinds of trips. You can maneuver through crowds with ease thanks to the four wheels. The solid construction keeps the bag stable even on rough terrain.

A multi-functional KompressPak panel is included in the interior. It provides neat organization as well as additional space by compressing. KompressPak’s divider has two pockets: one is a zippered small pocket for items smaller than usual, and the other pocket, which can be used for damp or liquid items.

Its exterior design is just as striking and innovative. They have combined polypropylene and Recylex to create a hard shell. It creates strong, but lightweight suitcases. Even though the suitcase is larger, it’s easy to maneuver around airports thanks to its wheels.

Samsonite Antimicrobial Handle Technology (Sam-AMH), is the technology used in this handle. This technology is possible due to the antimicrobial coating of the handle and extra handles. The antimicrobial coating on trolley grips and extra handles prevents bacteria growth. It can provide valuable protection when you travel during flu or cold seasons.


  • Made from recycled materials, stylish and strong
  • Hygiene and storage solutions that are high-tech
  • Large suitcases with elegant designs and all the bells & whistles at an affordable price


  • This collection does not include a USB port.
  • It is very affordable but there are many other options available for less money from Samsonite.

samsonite advance eco medium
samsonite advance eco medium

Although most people carry hardside luggage on planes and in general, they are not necessary for travel, many travellers still use softside luggage. Samsonite’s softside luggage is the Samsonite XL. Advance Eco Medium. This is a medium-sized bag, and you’ll need to have it checked at the airport.

The bag can be used for rental cars or road trips with lots of luggage. You can fit almost any outfit into the bag, provided you do not pack fragile items. This suitcase is lightweight and durable, making it easy to keep everything compact.

It is light, fashionable, durable, and eco-friendly. A pocket on the front allows for safe storage of electronic devices, toiletries and documents.

Samsonite Recylex fabric is used to make the bag, which is a mix of recycled and new materials. There is plenty of storage space inside, as well as mesh pockets and compression straps. This is an excellent option for eco-conscious and space conscious travelers!


  • Constructed from recycled materials
  • For easy access to your important documents and other items, a smart top pocket is ideal for traveling
  • 360° wheels


  • Long-lasting, but not as sturdy as hardside luggage
  • This allows for less storage space
  • TSA locks are not required
  • It is not extensible

samsonite equilibrium 2 piece set
samsonite equilibrium 2 piece set

Many luggage sets are made up of three parts, but many Samsonite options can be purchased in a single piece. For single travellers who only need a check bag or carry-on for their trip, a two-piece Travel Set is the best choice.

It Samsonite Equilibrium Set 2 Pieces It is an excellent choice due to its sleek design. The pieces are durable enough to withstand travel. It has both a hardside and softside bag, as well as expansion capability. Even though it’s not a complete set, you can still travel with style and comfort.

A luggage set will help you to keep everything together when you travel. Your luggage will be claimed at baggage claim. While you wait to get your train, you can make your suitcases a beautiful pair.

Recyclex lining in the bag and an exterior made of Recyclex and Smart Fix buckles complete the features. There are also cross straps and expansion options. The softside design allows the bag to be easily placed under or inside overhead compartments.

Large checked bags have a 1.5-inch extension capability, a polycarbonate hardsideshell, Smart Fix buckles, an interior wet pocket and cross straps. The bag is large enough to hold all your travel needs. It will also keep your belongings safe and secure throughout the journey.

Smart Fix buckles are designed to allow you to pack your luggage without putting the straps in the way. They also make it easy to secure your belongings during transport. The bags come with a pull top, side, and another handle. Because they are smooth, the wheels allow you to transport two suitcases simultaneously.


  • Softside and hardside suitcases available in a set
  • You can find Wet Pack pockets inside both your suitcases
  • Easy-rolling wheels and Smart Fix buckles provide traveler comfort.
  • Expandable


  • The TSA lock is only available for large bags
  • It is not available in three-piece options

Samsonite NuRoad: Best Samsonite Luggage

samsonite nuroad carry on
samsonite nuroad carry on

Nearly every Samsonite luggage option has wheels. Samsonite nuRoad carry-on This suitcase is the best for its versatility and functionality. While it may not be as fashionable as some and is also a softside, this suitcase is among the most maneuverable.

The features 4 exterior pockets and TSA cable locking, 2 padded handles with an extended handle for easy transport, a removable tech pouch, four interior mesh storage compartments, corner protectors and a kickplate.

The bag is made entirely from recycled materials Recyclex and nylon. It is more costly than the other brands, but it has so many uses and is small enough to carry a lot, it is definitely worth it.

It is waterproof so it can withstand any kind of weather. It can not only withstand anything that the world can throw at you but can also withstand the most demanding of your needs.


  • Recycled exterior that’s waterproof
  • Many pockets are available for organization and storage
  • Dual wheels are easy to use


  • It’s not a hardside luggage
  • There is not a lot of color choices

Samsonite Theorym International Travel with the Best Samsonite Loot Bag

samsonite theorym underseat
samsonite theorym underseat

International travel is a common thing that many people do. However, you should make sure you always have your most important belongings with you. Here’s how to make sure you have everything. Samsonite Theorym Underseat It is in.

It is best to take carry-on luggage with you when traveling internationally. All your essential items should be packed in carry-ons for international travel. This will give you peace of mind, and allow you to take everything you don’t want lost with you in transit.

Samsonite Theorym Underseat softside suitcase is an excellent option for under-seat luggage. This is a compact carry-on bag with removable lining and USB ports. You can place it underneath your airplane seat and the suitcase has wheels.

Although it isn’t a big suitcase, you can still fit everything you need in this bag. You can take this carry-on on all domestic and international trips.


  • International and domestic requirements for carry-on
  • For every trip, durable enough
  • Large, yet compact enough to be able to slip under the airplane’s seat
  • USB charging port
  • Easy to clean thanks to the removable lining


  • It’s not a hardside luggage
  • A traditional carry on is not nearly as spacious
  • TSA locks are not required

Samsonite Luggage: Best Buy

Samsonite, a brand that is well-known around the world, is easily found at numerous retailers. This is the best place to buy from. Website Samsonite. You can trust them and they offer great returns policies and fast shipping. If you are able to afford it, both websites will offer low prices and often have sales.

Samsonite luggage is available in both stores and online at department stores such as Macy’s or JCPenney. Samsonite luggage is also available at TJ Maxx, a discount store. Samsonite luggage can be found at TJ Maxx for a lower price, but they may also be out of season or overstock.

These suitcases can be found at Walmart and Target. Although the selection might be smaller than in some other locations, and not nearly as extensive as those dedicated to luggage, they have Samsonite Luggage available for quick purchase if you’re in an emergency.

Samsonite Luggage pieces are best purchased at the Samsonite Site. There are many choices available, in large quantities and different sizes. You won’t find them anywhere else. Samsonite may also offer web-exclusive products and other special offers. Make sure you regularly check their website if your suitcase needs to be updated.

Samsonite also has a unique characteristic that you should be aware of: Warranty. Samsonite will likely provide a global 10-year warranty on all purchases. Your purchase is protected from any manufacturing defects, so your trip can go smoothly.

It also provides excellent service to its customers, offering repair and maintenance options. Samsonite suitcases will work well for you whether on short or long trips. You can save money by looking for the latest sales on Samsonite’s website.

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